worn out shoes: three quick fixes

At Shooli, we’re big believers in buying well-made shoes. But even the best shoes become worn out over time. Shoe maintenance is the key to a long healthy relationship with a good pair of shoes. Here are some simple tips to be your own cobbler. 

worn out shoes, how to clean and repair them.
These boots could use some love.

1. Get your shoes some shoe glue, the quick fix to a split heel or a loose stud.

2. Use baking soda to combat old shoe stink.

3. Give your shoes a quick wipe down at the end of a long day of walking. We suggest using an old t-shirt and a dash of vinegar to prevent the dreaded salt stain.

When what once was the perfect pair of shoes needs some TLC, take matters into your own hands and use our three simple tips to fix worn shoes. For advanced cobbling, send those worn out shoes over to us at Shooli.

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