Pam Beasley knows the power of a white sneaker. Scuffs and skids in your kicks prevent you from being a winner. If you too would like to earn the Dunder Mifflin Whitest Sneakers Award, follow these tips and tricks to keep your shoes sneaky clean.

Buy yourself a pair of white sneakers worth caring for.

Pam recommends a pair of Keds, but it’s really up to you. Any good pair of white sneakers will do.

Immediately after buying your new white shoes, protect them with a sneaker spray.

The purpose of a sneaker spray is to provide an invisible protective layer for your shoes. When dirt and staining liquids come in contact with your shoes, your sneaker spray will keep the mess from staining like water off a duck’s back. While immediate application is imperative, reapplication is also crucial. So, keep your shoe spray handy, because you should be protecting your kicks every other week.

Use a water-based cleanser.

When you’ve stepped in a particularly treacherous puddle and your white sneakers are no longer good as new, never fear! Water based cleansers are here!


For those of us who like to live life on the edge and experiment, use a combination of baking soda, toothpaste, lukewarm water, and a toothbrush. But go easy with the toothbrush, as repeated scrubbing will damage your shoes.

Keep your shoes in a safe place.

Keep your shoe boxes and store your shoes in them for safe keeping while they’re not being worn. When it comes to white shoes, anything you can do to keep them safe matters. Dust and dirt from your shoe closet is more than capable of tarnishing your white sneakers pristine reputation, so do yourself a favor and give your shoes a special place to sleep.

Develop a shoe schedule.

It may sound funny, but if you really want to give Pam a run for her money, you have to take matters into your own hands. Not only will your white shoes get scuffed and stained over time, but they may start to smell like feet. Ew! Consistent deep cleaning will extend the life of your shoes and save you from the dreaded stinky feet smell.

You’re well on your way to becoming a white sneaker expert. For those moments when your sneakers need some extra TLC, bring them to a professional and you’ll be looking Pam Beasley fly in no time!

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