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Shine Package - $10

Our basic maintenance package to leave your shoes and boots looking fresh.

We provide a gentle clean, leather conditioning, and polish & shine with a unique set of creams and polishes.

Great for smooth leather men's and women's dress shoes, heels, boots, booties, and flats.


Clean Package - $15-$20

Our clean and care package to handle the dirtier situations. We also clean all types of sneakers (and the laces too)!

Great for all types of materials, including suedes, nubuck, canvas, and smooth leather.

And, cleaning helps add to the longevity of your footwear by removing build up of dirt, waxes, and other harmful debris that can ruin your shoes.


Recondition Package - $20

When your favorite shoes or boots need a major restore, we can bring them back to greatness!

Great for the really bad situations and for shoes and boots that have lost their color, are worn-out, have water damage, salt damage, or are just not alive as they used to be.

*We cannot guarantee the removal of all water damage, stains, or salt damage, but we promise, we'll do our best!


Master Shoe Repair - $20 and up

Our expert cobblers can fix it all! Seriously, they're great. But, to simplify things, we listed our top Repair Service below. If you don't see what you need, just contact us and we'll take care of it for you.

Repairs will be back to your door in 7 days.

See our most popular men’s and women’s repair services below.


Our Repair Services

All Repair services include a shine or clean. Reconditioning Package is a $10 upgrade.

HIGH-HEEL TIP - replace the rubber on the end of your favorite heels. $20

HEEL LIFT - for boots and shoes, we’ll replace the rubber or leather on the bottom of the heel. $30

HEEL PACKAGE - rewrap, replace, and rebuild your entire heel and heel lift. $40

HALF-SOLE - replace a rubber or leather half-sole to keep from wearing through! $40

HALF-SOLE + HEEL - need both the half-sole and heel? We’ve got you covered. $60

FULL-SOLE + HEEL - when you really love your shoes! We’ll replace the full sole and heel. $75

A LA CARTE - we said we could do it all (or at least most of it)! If you don’t see the option, just describe what you need and we’ll contact you. $40

UGGS CLEANING - Uggs ready for a clean? We can take care of them! $40


Have a shoe need you don’t see here?

Still not sure what to order? Send us a message and our team member will help you customize your service order. 


Shoe care, delivered.

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