It’s about time you received the news feet first. This time we bring you the Nike Betsy Ross controversy.

Nike Betsy Ross controversy really started over 200 years ago when Betsy Ross sewed a flag for 13 founding colonies of the U.S.A.
Betsy Ross showing George Washington the flag she has sewn.

Beaverton, OR, July 4th: Nike keeps stirring up stuff with their sneakers. Nike began shipping Betsy Ross model sneakers for July 4th celebrations, then Colin Kaepernick stepped in. Kaepernick reportedly contacted Nike officials saying he felt the “Betsy Ross” flag was linked to a period of slavery. So the Betsy Ross sneaker was pulled and the internet went wild.

We know, just when you thought your shoes were safe from politics. It almost makes you wonder if Nike is doing this on purpose to build buzz about a new model. It seems that the media can’t get enough of the Nike Betsy Ross controversy. To top it off, shoes that did ship to stores at $120.00 are now fetching $2500.00 on StockX– which bills itself as the world’s first stock market for sneakers.

News aside, we trust you had a nice Fourth of July. And we’ll clean, condition and repair your sneakers, whether they are buzzy or not.

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