As we enter the new year our team at Shooli have a recommendation for your shoe-resolution: keep your shoes fresh and clean this year! How you might ask? Keep reading for our best practices at keeping your shoes fresh all new-year long.

  • Store your shoes in a safe, clean place. Tossing your shoes into a pile of other dirty shoes in your shoe closet is likely not the best way to store your shoes. Scratching and fading can occur at home too.
  • Always spray new shoes with a shoe protecting solution. Water repellents are one of the most effective ways to prevent your favorite shoes from fading.
  • Treat salt stains as soon as possible! For those of us who live with snow during the winter months, salt is everywhere and is largely unavoidable. But beware, because this salt can do lasting damage to your shoes. As soon as you notice salty water on your boots, wipe them off with a rag and let dry. If the salt stain has already set in, never fear! Create a vinegar and water solution and wipe the salt right off. Then let dry and repeat as needed.
  • Let your shoes rest in between wears. Leather shoes need time to recover from their last wearing, so give your shoes a break.
  • Don’t wear leather shoes in the rain. Enough said.
  • Use your laces! They’re there for a reason. Don’t squash your foot into your shoe causing stress and tensions. Instead, unlace your shoes each time you are putting them on or off. Your shoes will thank you in the long run.
  • And since we’re on the topic, don’t squish your heel down into your shoe either. Instead, try using a shoe horn to guide your foot gently into your shoe.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, invest in quality shoes. Duh!

Save yourself some time and money this year by taking good care of your shoes and you’ll be strutting your stuff all year long!

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