Kate Middleton in ALDO shoes

Oh, what’s this? In case you missed it, Kate Middleton was seen during the Wimbledon tournament wearing a $1000 dress with $59 ALDO shoes. A royal scandal?? What would the Queen have to say??

Okay that’s a little dramatic, and we’re not really phased by this. We’re all about paying for quality, not necessarily for the brand name.

So if Kate wears Aldo, does that mean WE should wear Aldo??

We did a little research after learning about this, and we were surprised with what we discovered. Truthfully, we assumed that ALDO was for SURE a fast fashion brand, but ALDO Group is actually the first fashion footwear and accessories company in the world to be certified climate neutral. (If you thinking “what’s fast fashion again…?” We explained here. )

Climate neutrality means your emissions are balanced by methods of removing warming gases from the atmosphere.


  1. Measure the entity of their carbon footprint.
  2. Reduce their footprint in transparent and achievable ways.
  3. Offset the remainder of their footprint.

So maybe Kate Middleton in ALDO shoes means she is just a fan of the shoe, or maybe she did her research and supports the brand and it’s mission. We like to think the latter, and that she’s a supporter of sustainable fashion. To learn more about Climate Neutrality and ALDO’s work toward helping the environment, click the link below.

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