A good cobbler can be hard to find these days. Finding a fantastic cobbler is even harder. At Shooli, we employ the best cobblers to give your shoes the best treatment. But how do you know if a cobbler is up to snuff? We have some tips to help.

Ask Your Shoe Store

There are three main ways to find a good cobbler. The first is to inquire at your favorite shoe store to see if they have any recommendations. Many high-quality shoe stores understand the importance of shoe maintenance and are well versed regarding the shoe experts in their area. They may have tips on who to avoid, and who to trust. Some select shoe stores employ cobblers themselves.

Visit Local Shoe Repair Shops

The second way to find a good cobbler is to visit local shoe repair shops and chat with the staff. You may want to come prepared with some questions to get a feel for the level of expertise and experience they possess when it comes to the kind of shoes you wear. Some good questions may be “how frequently do you see this problem?” “have you ever worked on my kind of shoes before?” “how long have you been working in shoe repair?” or even “what are your favorite kinds of shoes to work on?”. These simple questions should give you an idea of what the shop brings to the table.

Search on the Web

The third way to find your perfect match is by using the amazing resource that is the world wide web. You’re using it right now! Go ahead and open another tab and search shoe repair in my area. Or better yet, stay right here and check out our mail-in shoe repair service. With years of experience and oodles of passion, we guarantee your satisfaction!

revolutionary online shoe care service

Don’t walk another day in worn out shoes. We have the solution. Whether it’s us at Shooli or another cobbler, your feet will thank you when you take care of your shoes.

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