Divas and shoes go together.

Jennifer Lopez, for example, has about 3 to 400 pair in her closet. But J-Lo’s closet can’t hold a candle to that of Imelda Marcos, the “Empress of Excess.”

Imelda Marcos was a former Philippine Beauty Queen who married Dictator and “President for Life” Ferdinand Marcos. It is reported that they salted away billions of US dollars while imposing martial law on their country. Imelda used her power and money to amass a closet of over 3000 shoes. These shoes became a symbol of graft and corruption so infamous that the Philippines built a national mausoleum to her excess (see photo below).

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The Imelda Marcos shoe collection.

Unless J-Lo goes and marries Nicholas Maduro, we just don’t see her catching up anytime soon. Until then we encourage you to send Shooli your shoes and we’ll fix them up for 20% off. Even better deals on orders over 20.

And if you are calling from the Philippines, we’ll expand our factory faster than you can say “Your High Heeled Highness.”

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