You may have already read our blog on repairing a broken heel, but some shoes require special attention and care. Read more to learn how to fix Louboutin Heels.

When it comes to repairing a Louboutin, the necessary repairs differ based on the amount of damage. After a couple times around the block, your shoes will develop some basic wear and tear. When that happens, we’ve got you covered regarding best practices for fixing your red bottoms.

Buy a new pair.

The most basic Louboutin pump is going to set you back about 700$. So, when something goes wrong with your Louboutin’s purchasing a new pair is by far your most expensive option. On the other hand, who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?

Buy new soles.

The most adventurous way to fix your Louboutin heels is to do it yourself! There are replacement soles tailored specifically for the legendary red bottoms. Make sure you choose the right finish, and if you haven’t already gotten shoe glue, you’re going to need that too. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of the replacement soles and you should be back to making money moves in your red bottoms in no time! 

Paint over your old soles.

Repainting the soles is by far the quickest and easiest way to repair your shoes, assuming that the only problem is some scuff marks on the bottom. If that is the case, a new coat of paint should do the trick. Be sure to get paint made specifically for shoes.

For best results, let a professional do the work.

We highly recommend this option. When it comes to an investment like a Louboutin shoe, a steady and experienced hand is the best option. Your shoe was crafted professionally, so care for it professionally. Professional shoe repair shops can fix more than just the sole of your shoe and won’t set you back the same way that buying a new shoe will. When you use our mail in shoe repair service, you don’t even need to step outside of your neighborhood.

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