We’ve all been there. You’re going about your business and strutting your stuff in a pair of stilettos when suddenly, the heel snaps! Now you’ve got a fashion emergency and a rapidly diminishing investment. You’ve got to fix those heels, and fast!

shoe repair

Of course, the best way to fix your heels is to hand them over to an expert. But for those moments when a quick fix is necessary, a personal stash of shoe glue and a little determination can go a long way.

  • First, you have to locate your snapped heel and find a safe space to do some shoe repair. Fixing your heel will take a couple minutes, so make yourself comfortable.
  • Upon locating the heel, clean your shoe and broken heel piece as best you can. Be sure to remove any gravel chunks and wipe off dust and dirt. This will facilitate strong adhesion later on.
  • Find the correct alignment. Take your time during this step. It’s important that you get the heel glued back in the same place it was before the heel fiasco. Not doing so can result in further damage to your shoe and also your foot. Some heels are reinforced with small shoe nails. Shoe nails can be very helpful at providing markers for realignment.
  • Break out the shoe glue. Shoe glue is a great product to keep handy, and we recommend keeping it in your bag or your car. Super glue may do the trick if you’re in the pinch.
  • Help the heel adhere back onto the shoe using manual pressure. Squeeze the heel back into place and set it aside to dry. This part requires patience.
  • Test the dryness of the glue by giving the heel a little tug. It is important that you don’t put your shoe back on before the glue has adhered, otherwise you’ll end up back where you started.

We hope your heel fix works out. If you are still having trouble, send it over to us at Shooli and we’ll get your heel back in place in no time!

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