Jack Bannon in The Rake magazine

Pennyworth is a new movie on the life of Batman’s butler staring the British Actor Jack Bannon. Great story about the actor and the movie in The Rake magazine here.

Alfred Pennyworth, is, perhaps, one of the most famous butlers in the comic business. At Shooli, we hope this flick focuses a little more attention on the role of a classic English butler and valet.

butler should answer calls to the household phone, greet guests at the door, assist in the planning of events and dinner parties, oversee table settings, and serve drinks and food. They will also (perhaps most importantly) manage the wine cellar. Additionally, a butler may have responsibility over other staff

In the movie, Pennyworth has a rather exotic background for a butler, having served in the British Special forces and in other manly pursuits. But perhaps the most interesting facet of this character is his role in the preservation of the Goodyear welted boots worn by Bruce Wayne (and Alfred in his younger days).

A typical good year welted boot benchmade in Great Britain.

These incredibly sturdy, bench made boots remain the best of their breed to this day. We can work on these types of boots on special request–and attend to any other kind of shoe repair you desire at Shooli.

Unlike Pennyworth, however, you’ll have to manage your own wine cellar.

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