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Ten Royal Shoes for Under $200

Meghan Markle is literal royalty and she looks like it too. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, this girl’s got style. The fashion icon of the moment stands out from the crowd with her simple and clean style that’s accessible for every woman. While she may look like a million bucks, many of her most […]

Fixing Louboutin Heels

You may have already read our blog on repairing a broken heel, but some shoes require special attention and care. Read more to learn how to fix Louboutin Heels. When it comes to repairing a Louboutin, the necessary repairs differ based on the amount of damage. After a couple times around the block, your shoes […]

The Shoe Cartel

Every year, the world of counterfeit goods amasses another $500 billion in wealth. Shoes make up a whopping 22% of that number, making shoes the hottest product on the counterfeit market. Brands like Louboutin, Adidas, Nike, and UGG are frequent victims of the counterfeit scheme. To this day, much of the counterfeit fashion world remains […]

Fix Your Heels

We’ve all been there. You’re going about your business and strutting your stuff in a pair of stilettos when suddenly, the heel snaps! Now you’ve got a fashion emergency and a rapidly diminishing investment. You’ve got to fix those heels, and fast! Of course, the best way to fix your heels is to hand them […]

White Sneakers: Keeping them White

Pam Beasley knows the power of a white sneaker. Scuffs and skids in your kicks prevent you from being a winner. If you too would like to earn the Dunder Mifflin Whitest Sneakers Award, follow these tips and tricks to keep your shoes sneaky clean. Pam recommends a pair of Keds, but it’s really up […]

Leather Care Done Properly

If you’re a leather shoe lover, you probably already know the basics of leather shoe care; wipe off excess dirt with a soft cloth, use a leather conditioner, let your shoes rest overnight, apply wax polish when needed, or treat yourself to a shoeshine. But did you know that there are different ways to care […]

Nike Vaporfly Ban?

Imagine a shoe that could transform you into the fastest runner in the world. You are hardly out of breath as you stride through your first marathon with ease. Fans cheer as you cross the finish line, all the while sporting your magic kicks. Unfortunately, the magic shoe hasn’t quite been invented yet. But we […]