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Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion

If you are headed to your typical shopping mall, where will you shop for fashion? Many people would respond with Target, Forever 21, or Nike, as these stores offer trendy, stylish clothing and shoes at reasonable prices. Behind the pretty face, however, these stores also perpetuate what we call “fast fashion,” which is convenient but […]

Maybe you’re trying too hard.

They say the best shoes for dating are a trusty pair of Nikes, because nothing works better for the runaround you’ll get. Or you can just send your favorite kicks to Shooli. We’ll shine, repair and recondition them like magic slippers. Yeah, slippers. Because no one wants to be breaking in a new pair shoes […]

Shoes In the News: Nike Betsy Ross Buzz!

It’s about time you received the news feet first. This time we bring you the Nike Betsy Ross controversy. Beaverton, OR, July 4th: Nike keeps stirring up stuff with their sneakers. Nike began shipping Betsy Ross model sneakers for July 4th celebrations, then Colin Kaepernick stepped in. Kaepernick reportedly contacted Nike officials saying he felt […]