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Walking in Magical Shoes

When we say we have love for the sole, we mean it. That means we have compassion for certain people who wear some crazy contraptions for the sake of fashion on their feet. The most outlandish example we can think of is the famous South American Novelist Isabel Allende. You can link to the blog […]

Fixing Your Shoe Fetish

After 18 months of helping to revolutionize shoe repair we’re happy to report that most of our clients have experienced a decreased desire to buy new shoes because of our work. While there will always be people we just can’t help (this one comes to mind: http://www.seattlemag.com/article/how-shop-shoe-fetish) the world of commerce is a better place […]


Batman’s Butler.

Pennyworth is a new movie on the life of Batman’s butler staring the British Actor Jack Bannon. Great story about the actor and the movie in The Rake magazine here. Alfred Pennyworth, is, perhaps, one of the most famous butlers in the comic business. At Shooli, we hope this flick focuses a little more attention […]

J-Lo Can’t Carry Her Shoes

Divas and shoes go together. Jennifer Lopez, for example, has about 3 to 400 pair in her closet. But J-Lo’s closet can’t hold a candle to that of Imelda Marcos, the “Empress of Excess.” Imelda Marcos was a former Philippine Beauty Queen who married Dictator and “President for Life” Ferdinand Marcos. It is reported that […]


Killing Snakes

(Think your boots make you a bad ass? Time to to meet the Honey Badger. This cute little thing just killed a 20 foot rock python in this picture. And no, she won’t give you the hide.) The appeal of a snakeskin boot is easy to see. It simply looks like something that can kill […]

ADIDAS’ ‘Now is Her Time’

ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY PHARRELL WILLIAMS ANNOUNCE “NOW IS HER TIME” COLLECTION Female empowerment is very much in the zeitgeist today. Clearly taking note of this, Adidas is working with Pharrell Williams to launch a campaign called ‘Now is Her Time’. This approach focuses on men allied with women and features a unisex collection of apparel […]

Shoocial Justice Warrior: BOMBAS

If you don’t already have a few pairs of your own, you’ve probably heard of Bombas socks. But do you know the story behind the brand? For every pair they sell they donate to programs that promote social change and bring awareness to the problems of the homeless. 24,908,705 million pairs have been donated so […]

Are your old shoes worth $50000?

Are your old shoes worth $50000? Well no, probably not. However, a pair of hand-made Nike track shoes from 1972 just sold for $50,000. Known as “Moon Shoes” for their unique texture – Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman created the prototype pair using a waffle iron and glue completely by hand in 1972, before Nike was […]