Pharrell Williams and Adidas

Female empowerment is very much in the zeitgeist today. Clearly taking note of this, Adidas is working with Pharrell Williams to launch a campaign called ‘Now is Her Time’. This approach focuses on men allied with women and features a unisex collection of apparel and shoes for adults, juniors, kids, and infants.

What is particularly interesting is that all choices are gender neutral options that don’t fit a rigid stereotype of men’s or woman’s shoes.

While Pharrell Williams is working on the campaign, it features women of varying background and talents. Women who stand for the rights within gender, sexuality, sexual rights, race, and equality. This includes everything from artists to surfers, models to directors, dancers to architects, and even the co-founder of Black Lives Matter (which is bit too political for Shooli to be honest, but still kinda cool).

And the focus? It’s on them. Even the primary campaign features the women, with Pharrell standing in the back, clearly demonstrating, literally, that ‘Now is HER Time’. Here’s to brands for social change.

The collection launched on August 31, 2019. So, be sure to check it out! We sure are.

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